Pies for Pi Day

In celebration of this irrational holiday we are sharing some of the most delectable pies our clients have to offer.

Where To Go That's Like The Smith But Isn't Actually The Smith

A dinner rolls around - maybe it's a last minute group dinner, maybe it's near Columbus Circle, maybe someone is bringing a small child or a difficult eater. Someone's going to recommend The Smith. And you're going to say, "Well... isn't there something else?"

17 Easter Recipes for a Mouth-Watering Holiday Meal

Jalapeño Popper Deviled Eggs, Lemony Avocado Sandwiches, and Bourbon Mustard Glazed Ham. You're welcome.

Review of the Beef Burger

The sweet onion relish and sour pickles paired perfectly with the savory patty. The toasted bun was a delight too, but the biggest standout were the shoestring fries. They were crispy, plentiful, and left me feeling warm and fuzzy.

The Private Dining Directory

The Upper West Side notch in the Blue Ribbon belt has a great private room for ten called Arnold’s Whiskey Room. We like it because it’s one of the few places you can find in town with one big, round table.

Best Places to Pre-Game the Macy's Day Parade

Thanksgiving specials include a Rotisserie Turkey that is served with Roasted Yams, Brussels Sprouts, Traditional Stuffing, Gravy, Mashed Potatoes and Cranberries.

Where to Dine on the Upper West Side

The Ribbon hosts a wide variety of deliciousness — perfect for casual family fun or a rowdy Monday-night-football game.

The Ribbon: Buffalo Style Cauliflower

Never a fan of the high effort, low reward of chicken wings (so messy! so much chewing for a tiny morsel of meat!), the sauce made the endeavor worthwhile. All of this made me a prime candidate for buffalo style cauliflower.

Fruit of the Summer: NYC’s Best Watermelon Dishes

Bringing a refreshing twist for a summer dish, The Ribbon offers the Watermelon Salad, topped with feta cheese, arugula, mint, balsamic reduction and lime vinaigrette.

The 15 Best Places for a Fried Chicken in the Upper West Side, New York

"Fried chicken and honey is awesome"

The Art and Science of the Perfect Cocktail Foam

Jason Jeffords, Beverage Director of the Ribbon, discusses the subtleties of creating the perfect foam.

Eight best specials for National Oyster Day

This UWS member of the Blue Ribbon empire is keeping things on the cheap all day long, offering $1 East Coast oysters until close.

Where To Get Food and Drink Deals for National Oyster Day

You can find $1 East Coast oysters all day Friday. It'll leave more money for pairing unique cocktails like The Dotty and Westside Watermelon Sour with your meal.

10 Spots to Celebrate National Oyster Day in NYC

Lunch or dinner, this is the place to go. Enjoy good vibes and good oysters at this Upper West Side spot.

The Top 10 Places To Celebrate National Oyster Day This Friday

As National Oyster Day approaches this Friday the 5th, there’s no better way to celebrate the occasion with some delicious New York oysters!

10 New NYC Burgers To Try Right Now

Forget about bacon jam. This open-faced monstrosity is smothered with oxtail marmalade, making for one of the best meat-on-meat showings around.

Tequila cocktails in NYC: Bars and restaurants feeling the agave-based spirit

Try a new twist on an old classic with The Ribbon's spicy cucumber margarita.

95.5PLJ Summer Cocktail Series

Jason, the Ribbon’s Beverage Director, on 95.5PLJ as part of their Summer Cocktail Series, mixing a Spicy Cucumber Margarita.

Today Anchors Share Their Fried Chicken Secrets

As part of National Fried Chicken Day, the Today anchors enjoy some Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken and share their fried chicken secrets.

The 15 Best Places for a Fried Chicken in the Upper West Side, New York

Stumbled on this place, incredible burgers, try all of them. Great beer selection. Have to come back for Sunday’s fried chicken special.

Upper West Side Brunch, New York

Just what the Upper West Side needed, and exactly what I needed on a grey Saturday!

Take 5: Dining on Manhattan's Upper West Side

Believe it or not, one of NYC’s trendiest restaurant groups (Blue Ribbon) has an outpost on Manhattan’s homely Upper West Side.

Restaurant of the Month: The Ribbon

There’s plenty of substance at The Ribbon to guarantee a very fun outing. You’ll receive nothing less than five-star service.

Review of The Ribbon

Part of the Blue Ribbon restaurant empire, this spacious New American outpost on the Upper West Side is surprisingly perfect for any meal of the day, and will easily become your favorite restaurant in the neighborhood.

10 Best Restaurants on New York's Upper West Side: Bright, beautiful, savory

The Upper West Side's become a dining destination with residents from all over the city taking notice and trekking past Columbus Circle to see what all the fuss is about.

The best NYC restaurants to dine with groups, by neighborhood

If you get a group together uptown, 10 of your closest friends can enjoy the private room at The Ribbon with no reservation, if it's available.

Review: The Ribbon

Blue Ribbon's first Upper West Side outpost is banging like 50 Cent's In Da Club days. It's overflowing with people, and, more importantly, happiness.

The New Upper West Side: 10 Spots to Try Now

The Upper West Side's dining scene has been heating up over the last few years thanks to uptown expansions and trendy newcomers that are helping to liven up the roster of mostly casual neighborhood eateries.

NYC's Best Restaurant and Bar Openings this Summer

The Blue Ribbon guys’ new UWS spot has a huge menu of French-inspired American eats, including house-made paté, chicken-fried short ribs with beans and gravy, and an ox burger. But the real draw is the fried chicken, which you can only get on Sundays (5pm-close) and Mondays (dinner only).

10 Easy-to-Make Vermouth Cocktails to Serve This Season

The Ribbon’s Barrel-Aged Boulevardier cocktail in its piece about easy-to-make vermouth cocktails. The piece highlights a quote from head bartender Rosie Grillo, as well as an image and recipe of the cocktail.

Where to Eat on the Upper West Side

A new restaurant from the people behind the Blue Ribbon empire, The Ribbon serves the kind of food Blue Ribbon became famous for: everything from bone marrow to oysters to roasted chicken, in a nice big space.

16 Fresh New Brunch Spots to Try in New York

The Blue Ribbon team's new uptown restaurant launched brunch at the end of August, and it offers rich, hearty dishes, like a prime-rib poutine with French fries, sauteed onions, cheddar gravy, and a fried egg; and ham-and-cheese toast with a poached egg and jalapeno-cheese gravy.


A Cultural Invasion

Blue Ribbon brothers Eric and Bruce Bromberg have co-opted the former Sambuca spot off Central Park West and morphed it into 200-seat American brasserie featuring rotisseries and a bar with more than 98 whiskeys and bourbons.

Walk through Central Park

After a long day exploring, enjoy a relaxing dining experience at The Ribbon, one of New York’s hottest restaurants, located on West 72nd Street on the Upper West Side.


Comfort food masters Bruce and Eric Bromberg recently expanded their Blue Ribbon empire to the Upper West Side with the opening of The Ribbon.

The Fall 2015 Hit List

The Upper West Side is always in need of a good new restaurant, and this one from the Blue Ribbon team seems like a welcome addition.

The best NYC restaurants to dine with groups, by neighborhood

If you get a group together uptown, 10 of your closest friends can enjoy the private room at The Ribbon with no reservation? if it's available!

New York City's 20 Hottest Restaurants

A wide-ranging food menu is paired with cocktails incorporating housemade ingredients and wines on tap, and it's all on offer in a stylish space with retro touches (like a vintage jukebox).

2015 Top 10 New & Notable Restaurants in New York Area

The Bromberg brothers are at it again, this time with a smokin’ hot brasserie in the former Sambuca space in the Hotel Franconia.

Good Restaurants on New York's Upper West Side Exist (Yes, Really)

Eric and Bruce Bromberg of Blue Ribbon fame-pioneers of such areas as Park Slope and Soho-have just opened their latest restaurant, The Ribbon, on West 72nd Street.

Good Restaurants on New York's Upper West Side Exist (Yes, Really)

Eater editors get asked one question more than any other: Where should I eat right now?

Trending Prime Rib Returns to Menus across the US

Often carved to-order by bow tie–donning waiters at old-school restaurants, this carnivorous symbol of retro grandeur is making a comeback on modern-day menus. Here are eight prime rib dishes around the U.S. to savor during your summer travels.

Ribbon Dancing

Special Bulletin: We bring you news of The Ribbon, a Blue Ribbon–empire joint with a mighty interest in special fried-chicken dinners and whiskey.

First Blue Ribbon Restaurant on UWS

Adding to the Blue Ribbon Restaurants, Eric and Bruce Bromberg have opened The Ribbon on the Upper West Side.

The Ribbon Brings Comfort Food to Upper West Side

Beginning today, uptowners can dig into the duo's brand of comfort food at The Ribbon, a 200-seat restaurant that they're billing as a neighborhood hangout.

The Ribbon, a Blue Ribbon Restaurant, Opens on the Upper West Side

It's the latest entry from the Bromberg brothers, who own eight Blue Ribbon establishments around the city, and has the earmarks of the quintessential neighborhood restaurant.

Hottest Restaurants in Manhattan Right Now, July 2015

Comfort food masters Bruce and Eric Bromberg recently expanded their Blue Ribbon empire to the Upper West Side with the opening of The Ribbon.

The most anticipated NYC bar and restaurant openings of 2015

The Bromberg brothers are set to expand their Blue Ribbon empire with a 200-seat American brasserie in the old Sambuca space on the Upper West Side.