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Valentine's Day Dining at The Ribbon Midtown

Guest entry by Kevin Yazell | Founder-In-Chief of The CitiView New York

What a fabulous dinner we had for Valentine’s Day this year! For our annual outing we chose The Ribbon in Midtown and what a treat it was indeed!

The Ribbon Midtown sits right in the center of the intense hustle of Times Square and several nearby theatres. However, the intensity dial is immediately turned down as you enter the spacious but cozy confines of the large dining room here. The generous spacing between the tables and booths allow you to have a private conversation and also not be distracted by others at nearby tables. The music was upbeat but not too loud and the playlist was broad enough to keep everyone in a good mood. In other words…a perfect setting to enjoy the company you’re with on Valentine’s Day!

As an added bonus, Chef Martin Brock has designed a special Valentine’s Day menu that aims to please. The menu, which was executed perfectly by Herve Knedd, was created to satisfy a variety of tastes and appetites and really does offer something for everyone with a select few dishes. There are light choices like the Tuna Ceviche and Citrus Salad, Vegetarian options like the Roasted Acorn Squash with Quinoa, choices for heartier appetites like the 20 oz. Porterhouse and two signature desserts that really deliver.

The common thread amongst the entire menu is being health conscious. In addition, we found all dishes to be full of various textures and flavors that went together perfectly and made each dish good to the very last bite! It doesn’t stop there though as The Ribbon has an extensive wine list to ensure the perfect pairing whatever your choice from the menu. If you’re not sure what makes the best pair, the staff here is well versed and will cheerfully assist.

We tried several items from this special Valentine’s Day menu and none of them disappointed! Our first taste was the Pumpkin Soup. It may not have sounded like much in writing but the soup was out of this world. Thick and creamy with some crunch provided by pumpkin seeds and a softness from reduced apples.

The Tuna Ceviche was next and probably our favorite overall dish of the night. A lot of texture with the tune complimented by crisp radishes, crunchy cucumber, fennel, Avocado and just the right amount of citrus. Unbelievable! We ate every bite!

The Citrus Salad was our second appetizer of choice and was full of juicy grapefruit, blood oranges, fennel, pistachios, arugula and goat cheese. Very refreshing and also good to the last bite! For a vegetarian option you can have them hold the goat cheese.

We enjoyed a Chardonnay each with the appetizers; one French one Californian, both were great!

For entrees we had the 20oz Porterhouse cooked medium and the Striped Sea Bass. Our waiter, Jaime, paired our entrees with a 2018 Grenache Rhone Blend that was light in color with a smooth finish. A perfect choice!

The Porterhouse was a generous cut cooked perfectly and conveniently served sliced. Not too much and not too little. The Steak frites were crisp and delicious and the truffle butter was a unique touch to round out the plate.

A special note about the truffle butter and the truffles in the Striped Sea Bass dish…I sometimes shy away from truffle dishes as the flavor can be overwhelming and smother the dish, however, the chefs here have found the secret to including the truffles in a much more and subtle way that actually compliments the food.

The Striped Sea Bass was another work of perfection. The fish was cooked perfectly and presented on top of a cauliflower puree and roasted cauliflower with a hint of truffle and caper butter.

Do not ever skip dessert here! We tried both signature desserts on the menu the mini Monkey Bread and the Chocolate Rocky Road. I will dare anyone to not eat all of the monkey bread. It’s not possible! It is a pull apart cinnamon swirl served warm with salted caramel and vanilla ice cream. If the word hasn’t already spread about this is surely will soon!

The Chocolate Rocky Road included pecans, chocolate custard, chunks of chocolate with walnuts and house made whipped cream. Again we see the use of texture and flavor to create an extraordinary dish!

Of course, Jaime came through and paired the desserts perfectly with a Fonseca Bin 27 Ruby Port!

This was a most memorable meal. The staff here has gone an extra mile to create a menu and overall experience that will leave you raving about it for days to come. In a city overflowing with exceptional dining options the Ribbon rises to the top and delivers a 110% satisfaction rating from me!

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